KNL Ecosystem Press Release

KNL ecosystem is a blockchain-based real economy with exciting new opportunities for individual investors, SMEs and large institutions.

The platform is designed to bring together managers / owners of assets and investors by creating low-risk financial instruments based on the blockchain, secured by assets in real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, shares in the enterprise and others. We are creating a risk-free infrastructure based on the legal framework clearly established for offers of tokenized assets at Kernel-Trade in order to maximize the security and reliability of investments on the Platform.

The Kernel-Trade platform is based on the core of the “token D” of the Stellar network and uses advanced blockchain technologies with such advanced features as fast transaction processing at low cost, increased security of all processes – from release to storage, transfer of tokens for trading in the secondary market and others .

The Kernel-Trade platform is a digital one-stop shop for trading. The platform, built on the TokenD core using the Stellar network, offers its customers access to a simple user interface using the innovative Smart Contract and opening up potential new trading opportunities.

We are revolutionizing the tokenization of physical assets:

Our goal is to make your business and your investments active, reliably protected and flexible. The Kernel-Trade platform can change the entire system of cryptocurrency portfolios. Assets will be secured by real physical assets, so the risks are very low. Asset-backed tokens will have zero or negative correlation with other cryptocurrencies, profits will increase significantly, the use of blockchain technology will eliminate trust issues, and advanced monitoring methods will increase transparency. This is a revolution, and it is starting now on the Kernel-Trade platform.

KNL Ecosystem:

Tokenization in agriculture and production:

We consider tokenization as the future of the investment business. How do we do this? We convert asset rights to a digital token on the blockchain. As you already know, this is safe, we spend less time on transactions, we get lower costs and independence from corporate and centralized intermediaries.

We propose making security tokens: asset-backed tokens (OATs), a new financial tool for reviewing and updating the asset-backed securities market. This is well suited for all real economic assets. We are not affected by any borders or standards of the country, which means that you can contact your investors in any part of the world, and as an investor you can invest anywhere you want.

A new era for agriculture:

In agriculture, we will cite as an example the tokenization of wheat from one of the agricultural enterprises. How will the asset (wheat) become tokenized? Each token will be supported by 100 kg. of wheat stored in elevators accredited by the KNL site and credited to our company’s trading account.

Thanks to the proceeds from the sale of tokens, the farmer can increase the sown area, start processing agricultural products, acquire elite varieties of seeds and fertilizers while receiving a higher yield and more stable cash flows. For investors, including retail, it becomes possible to invest in raw materials assets from anywhere in the world without minimum inputs and earn income.

The Kernel-Trade platform will provide investors with detailed and up-to-date information on assets based on advanced technologies. Increased transparency is only part of the benefits that the Kernel-Trade platform brings, as the main goal is to increase cash flows and stability. Advanced innovative technologies will be applied using EDI to obtain reliable raw data on assets and agricultural enterprises, the maximum amount of data using artificial intelligence (AI) for high-quality and objective processing of the collected data. This type of investment could be a turning point for developing agricultural countries.

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