Marketplace, financial exchange and real infrastructure
for traders, investors and farmers

The IEO starts in:

IEO - first market offer
About KNL
A unique combination of digital and commodity markets

KNL — blockchain platform, which symbolizes
agricultural liabilities.

  • Farmers and exporters can get the needed services and trade commodities at the best price.
  • Investors and traders receive the guaranteed return on commodity industry transactions.
MVP version of KNL
Take a look into MVP version of KNL's marketplace, which will allow you to tokenize your agricultural products or invest into grain purchase through the purchase or sale of grain tokens.

Products always have
an end-customer
All products are insured
from spoilage and crop failure
Our advantages and guarantees
KNL is the guarantor of all transactions
within his own platform
Kernel - Trade.
Transactions are followed by
real products
Who needs this?
Buying a unique KNL token in the investor's personal account and obtaining the predicted profitability of its price increase. Trading a token on the KNL exchange.

The work with the platform does not require any special accreditation. Tools are available for any category of users: from beginners to professional investors.
Agricultural producers (Farmers)
KNL offers agricultural producers (farmers) an access to unlimited financing through financial instruments. An opportunity to sell the goods regardless the location of buyer.

Advance payments for agricultural producers, on the bail of products in the fields. Receiving of financing for the agricultural manufacturer on a bail of finished products.
Make an investment right now and
get a profit in 90 days!
Our roadmap
February - March 2019
Analysis of market, problems with crediting farmers, developers and other market participants. Statistic's research and solutions development
April 2019
The beginning of exchange's development and own cross-border payment system.
12th of May 2019
Launch of the KNL platform.
First Round of Pre-IEO
20th of August 2019
Promotion of the KNL platform.
Second round of IEO
21th of August 2019
Listing on the exchange. Frozen for
listing on the stock exchange: $45 million
Semptember 2019
Scaling and development of the project, expansion of Europe and Asia regions
Within our ecosystem, every farmer gets an opportunity to enter into forwards and swaps, guaranteed sale of the grown crop at profitable market prices.
Within our ecosystem, every farmer gets an opportunity to enter into forwards and swaps, guaranteed sale of the grown crop at profitable market prices.
on the blockchain
The main problem of the first crowdfunding campaigns was to conduct them in a completely unregulated environment without any guarantees and obligations from the fundraisers. Therefore, important requirements for platforms supporting such companies are the requirements for KYC and AML so that no tokenized asset can be sold or bought if the corresponding requirements are not met. In such conditions, it is important to have a complete set of tools that allow you to manage the permissions of investors and fundraisers based on the identification data obtained from them.
The KNL platform meets all the necessary criteria.
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Media about KNL
Is it possible to make money with buying KNL token?
An investor can purchase tokenized commodity liabilities in the private account of a commodity fund and monitor their profitability. The KNL token will be used to settle with investors, pay dividends for commodity tokens.

Investors will also be able to passively invest by depositing a KNL token in a fund of commodity liabilities. After the launch of the KNL exchange, which is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2020, the KNL token will be used as a calculated coin in the derivatives trading.
The cost of one KNL token is $ 0.10. Token based on Ethereum.
It is possible to buy KNL token only with a cryptocurrency or with a bank card as well?
Yes, you can buy a token with BTC, ETH and also with Yandex Money, bank card of Visa/MasterCard in your personal account
When to expect the first profit on investment?
The Vexel token is sold at a nominal price without dividends in the secondary market (on the internal exchange in the account). The deadline for the redemption of the Vexel token (bill of exchange) is 24 months, after a specified period the project makes a redemption of issued Vexel tokens. The KNL project will pay dividends 90 days after the release of the Vexel token.

Dividends are calculated at the rate of 30% per annum daily and are paid by the request of the investor, but not more than once within 30 calendar days. Every 90 days after the release of the Vexel token, an additional 4.5% bonus is charged to the holder of the bill.
What is the interest in KNL for investors?
Investors and traders will be able to receive guaranteed returns on transactions. To do this, you need to purchase a KNL token which allows transactions to be secured in the system.
Register in your KNL account and start receiving a profit!